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Yasbeauty.ro recommends that you carefully read the terms and conditions for the proper use of the website. Visiting and/or ordering products from this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions below.

Advance specifications

Prices are expressed in EUR, and VAT is included in the displayed price. The final price paid by the customer consists of the purchase price of the product, to which is added the cost of transport. No other additional fee is charged. All products will be delivered within the limits of available stock. Vouchers or other methods of loyalty are not transferable and cannot be cumulated. No discount is applied above the discount.

*On the www.yasbeauty.com website, the entity authorized to provide payment processing services is PayU SA, a company established and operating in accordance with Polish legislation, registered in the Register of Enterprises held by the Court of Poznań-Nowe Miasto I Wilda w Poznaniu under number registration number 0000274399, having its registered office located at 182 Grunwaldzka, 60-166 Poznan, Poland.

ATTENTION: if the product is already discounted and you add a coupon code with a discount, it will be canceled. Only the discount from the respective campaign in which the order was placed is applied

The products cannot be purchased for the purpose of resale, except with the express agreement (contract) of YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS SRL, and according to the conditions specified in the contract.

Any attempt to resell both on the domestic and foreign market, without the above-mentioned agreement, will lead to legal action and the recovery of damages suffered by  YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS Srl.

Privacy and data security policy

Yasbeauty.ro processes personal data for the following purposes:

Creating a customer account
Logging into the customer account
Shopping online
Payment of purchases/ refund of payment in case of product return/ order cancellation
Delivery of products to you
Customer support and assistance
Loyalty actions/granting of benefits
Promotional campaigns, contests, promotions or sweepstakes
Creating customer profiles for direct marketing purposes
Online browsing
Online behavioral advertising
Bidding based on custom audiences (on customer lists)
Maintenance and security of the YAS website
Auditing and reporting
Defense of rights in court
Proceedings and investigations of authorities and/or judicial bodies
Browsing social networks
YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS S.R.L., as the owner of the YAS brand, undertakes not to transmit the personal data of website users to third parties, less so to direct collaborators, where access to certain data is legal and necessary for the performance of services (email marketing services/ newsletter, payment processors, courier companies, etc.). Yasbeauty.ro undertakes to comply with the legal provisions that guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data hosted and transmitted through its computer system.

Users’ personal data may be transmitted to and processed by certain third parties (suppliers and business partners) for marketing purposes or to provide services, in full accordance with the Guide regarding the processing of personal data in the www.noke.ro online store . At the same time, users’ personal data can be transmitted to institutions or public authorities when there is a legal obligation in this regard or at their request or to the courts in order to exercise the right to defense.

Yasbeauty.ro will use users’ personal data in order to notify them of promotional offers and news through the site’s newsletter and to send coupons, greetings or other messages. The personal data entered by users are necessary for order confirmation, for the delivery of ordered products and for optimal subsequent collaboration between Noke.ro and its customers. If the customer no longer wishes to receive the newsletter, he can unsubscribe by simply clicking on the link received by email from Noke.ro or in any other way provided by Yasbeauty.ro.

Yasbeauty.ro does not sell, does not offer, does not exchange e-mail addresses obtained through this site, does not disclose your e-mail address to other people who access the pages of this site, without your explicit consent, except in the cases mentioned in within the Guide regarding the processing of personal data on the Noke.ro website.

Yasbeauty.ro processes user data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected and according to Noke’s personal data retention policies. In certain cases, some legal provisions may require or allow the retention of data for a longer period. User data will be kept during the period of holding a customer account and/or online purchases by the Yas website. Deactivation of the customer account in the Online Store will result in the deletion or anonymization of user data so as to exclude their identification in Yas data record systems, except in cases where there is a legal obligation or legitimate interest in storing data for a longer period

User data will be processed exclusively for the purpose stated by Yas and only until the user withdraws the consent granted therein, except in cases where there is a legal obligation to maintain them for a longer period, such as reporting data to public authorities or exercising the right of defense in court.

The collection, processing, storage and transmission of data will be carried out under the conditions of the Guide for the processing of personal data on the Yasbeauty.ro website.


The entire content of Yasbeauty.ro is protected according to the copyright law and the laws regarding the right to intellectual and industrial property. Yas is a registered trademark of YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS Srl. The use without written consent of any elements belonging to the Noke.ro site is punishable according to the laws in force. The content of this website (text, graphics, logo, icons, images) are the property of YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS Srl and fall under the copyright provided by Romanian law. The copyright for certain texts (articles) reproduced or adapted by us has been issued by the authors mentioned at the end of that text. The copyright for the logos and slogans of our partners and collaborators belong to them, and are reproduced with their consent.

To report any issue related to intellectual property rights, please email us at customeryas@gmail.com


The products shown on the website are for example and certain characteristics may differ from the pictures (color, appearance, etc.). The Yasbeauty.ro team tries to present the products as detailed and correctly as possible and to respect the accuracy of the information. However, Yasbeauty.ro does not guarantee that the description of products and services, as well as the content of this website, is error-free, complete and/or current. The YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS SRL company cannot assume the responsibility that all exhibited products are available in stock, but undertakes to take steps to obtain and deliver them according to accepted orders.

However, if following these steps, the goods cannot be obtained for delivery, the customer will be informed immediately. If a product offered by our store does not correspond to the description or is sent in error, the customer can ask for the return of the value, without any additional compensation.

Product warranty:

All products sold by noke.ro benefit from warranty conditions in accordance with the legislation in force. The products are new, in original packaging and benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity.

Electronic/electrical products purchased through www.yasbeauty.ro benefit from the usual warranty, granted by the manufacturer for a specific period, according to each individual product. Thus, each electronic/electrical product delivered will be accompanied by the warranty certificate or declaration of conformity, with the manufacturer’s or importer’s specifications.

Partial or total erasure of the serial number (serial number S/N) from the products leads to the loss of the guarantee of conformity and quality. The cost of transport is paid as follows: the consumer bears the transport costs when sending the product to the service, and noke.ro pays the courier fees when sending the product to the customer.

Conditions for returning products

noke.ro’s desire is that the products we offer you are in full accordance with your needs. Otherwise, according to Government Ordinance no. 34/2014 on the legal regime of distance contracts, products are returned within 14 calendar days of receiving the package. According to the mentioned normative act, “unless the professional has offered to recover the products himself, the consumer returns the products or hands them to the professional or a person authorized by the professional to receive the products, without undue delay and within no more than 14 days from the date on which he communicated to the professional his decision to withdraw from the contract in accordance with art. 11. The deadline is met if the products are sent back by the consumer before the expiry of the 14-day period”.

The notification will be given, signed and sent by you by e-mail to the address: customeryas@gmail.com. In the situation mentioned above, our customers can return, within the time limit provided above, the purchased product, without showing any signs of damage or wear. If produced

l has signs of use and wear, by applying Government Ordinance no. 34/2014, “the consumer is only responsible for the reduction in the value of the products resulting from their handling, different from what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products”.

The YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS SRL company undertakes to return to the customer the sums collected for the returned products, within 14 calendar days of receiving the return notification, based on the return form, completed by the customer. In the return form, fill in the data and bank account of the owner. This return form is only a model. According to the law, the customer can withdraw from the contract by an unequivocal statement, by any method he wants: email, postal, verbal, etc.

The shipping costs, in the case of the return, will be borne by the consumer according to Ordinance 34/2014: “The consumer bears only the direct costs related to the return of the products”. The amount returned to the customer does not include shipping or refund costs, only the purchase value of the product. All returned products, for which the full amount is returned, must be in perfect condition, with no visible signs of use and with the original warranty certificate.

According to art. 16 point 8 of Law no. 249/2015, “it is prohibited to condition, in any form, the legal rights of consumers regarding the product purchased by keeping the packaging.” According to the provision of Government Ordinance no. 34/2014, “the end user is only responsible for the diminution of the value of the products resulting from their handling, other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. The decrease in the value of the products must not be a disincentive for the end user to exercise his right of withdrawal”. As a result, if the consumer returns the product in a condition that diminishes its value, the merchant is allowed to deduct part of the amount returned to the customer.

Information, Communications

Those who visit the yasbeauty.ro website can make comments and any other communications on the contact and/or order forms, can share information or opinions on the forum of each individual product or on the e-mail address customeryas@gmail.com, as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening or defamatory. If information, materials, documents are sent to us, by any possible method including e-mail, post, online forms, it will be considered that the user confers on S.C. YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS S.R.L. the unlimited, free, irrevocable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute and present this information by any means.

Placing an order on noke.ro or its automatic confirmation cannot be considered as a contractual establishment and does not constitute a pre-contract.

Prices are valid from their publication, except in cases where, despite all efforts, they have been displayed incorrectly, in particular in the case of prices that have been displayed with obvious mistakes, significantly different from the trading value or those displayed due to a system error. In this case, we are not obliged to deliver the product at the incorrect price, but in addition to informing the Consumer, we will offer delivery at the correct price. If this aspect does not suit the Consumer, he can withdraw from the contract.

Orders do not stack

Each order placed stands alone. Multiple orders cannot be placed and subsequently cumulated.

E.g.: If a customer places 2 orders, both with courier fee, then the orders will be collected separately and he will pay the courier fee for each. Each package will contain the products that the customer added to the respective order.

Product availability

The products are delivered within the limit of the available stock.

Cancellation of orders

There are situations where an order cannot be delivered to the customer, for various reasons (unavailable product, non-observance of kits, incomplete/incorrect delivery dates, etc.). In this case, the customer is contacted by phone by a Call Center representative. If the customer does not answer the phone, then he will be notified in writing, by email, with the situation in question and the request for a response. If the customer does not contact us within 48 hours (working days), by replying to the notification email or by phone at 0750.186.541 (from Monday to Friday, between 9:00-17:30), the order is automatically canceled in the system.

Goal. orders: 0750.641.690

Complaints / Notices

Any complaint or notification regarding products/parcels will be sent by email to customeryas@gmail.com within 2 working days, attaching photos, the reason for the notification or complaint and the order confirmation number

Within 2 working days of receiving the complaint, you will be contacted by phone or email for clarifications and to find an optimal solution for closing the complaint/report. In case of return, the delivery address is: Cristesti, str. Principala no. 5, Jud. Mureș, postal code 547185. The transport will be done via UPS and it will be the responsibility of the customer. If the product is not available in stock at the time of settlement, you will be offered a similar alternative or refund of the amount paid for the products subject to the complaint.

Schedule: Monday – Friday: 08-16.00

Phone: 0750.641.690

Email: customeryas@gmail.com


Any attempt to access personal data of another user or to alter/modify the content of www.yasbeauty.ro, to affect the server on which the site runs, will be considered an attempted fraud, YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS SRL Company reserving the right to sets in motion the criminal complaint against those who attempted the acts described above. Fraud also includes placing an order with a false address or false identification. In this case, the competent bodies will be notified to resolve the case.


The company YAS BEAUTY COSMETICS SRL, owner of yasbeauty.ro, will do its best to ensure that all possible misunderstandings regarding any type of dispute between the parties are resolved amicably by their representatives. If it is not possible to resolve the misunderstandings amicably, the resolution of the disputes will return to the competent court in Romania.